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What Is Docformative?

With increasing patient loads and duties, the gap between pharma companies and healthcare professionals has only widened as sales representatives are increasingly blocked from accessing practices, clinics, and hospitals, forcing HCPs to look elsewhere for resources.

Why do healthcare professionals need a centralized medical platform?

Time constraints

Healthcare professionals are tasked with increasing patient and administrative duties, adding to their already hectic schedule.

Limited access

Sales representatives for pharmaceutical companies have valuable drug and treatment related information, but have been increasingly blocked from accessing clinics, practices, and hospitals. The COVID-19 pandemic has only further restricted their access.

Scattered information

There is an overwhelming amount of information published by pharmaceutical companies for all their promoted drugs, making it harder for HCPs to narrow down specific resources.

Bringing HCPs and pharma together

Docformative reinvents the way pharmaceutical companies connect with the healthcare professional, by enabling efficient communication between healthcare professionals and pharma experts.

Healthcare professionals can now access vital medication-related information in one centralized location at their convenience, making them better equipped to server patients.

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