Pharma companies

Docformative brings the latest in medical innovation directly to HCPs by bridging the gap between pharma companies and HCPs.


Promotional materials access

Ensure that vital information about your medications is accessible to HCPs by uploading marketing and educational material about promoted drugs directly to the platform.


Drug samples

Fulfill upcoming drug sample orders in a hassle-free manner by keeping track of order details and communication with HCPs all in one place.



Maintain open communication and interactions with healthcare professionals by directly pushing notifications about newly approved drug indications, new clinical and safety data and more.


Increased access

Reach HCPs where sales representatives have been banned from entry, or even in remote locations where representatives cannot make in-person visits.


Brand awareness

Increase brand awareness about your own products and tap into new markets by publishing new drug information directly on a centralized digital medical platform.


Real time analytics

Review anonymous user statistics including type and subspecialty of HCPs viewing your material as well as valuable analytical data on the frequency and time spent viewing, enabling you to have real-time insights of what material is engaging and what can be modified to increase HCP engagement time, and more.


Mobile chat

Answer queries from healthcare professionals by having them connect directly to your Sales Reps and MSLs with our easy to use, mobile application.


Track communications

Since all communications are stored on our secure server, you'll have the ability to audit which of your exprets are chatting with which HCPs.


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